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Product Information

The Dynamic Framer tool kit delivers accuracy with cordless performance. The Dynamic Framer DFK-HGE21 includes: Template to identify stud locations, Jig for attaching studs correctly and a level that ensures walls are plumb and straight.

Welcome to the best home improvement remodeling tool you can own in your tool chest!


Introducing the Dynamic Framer! This amazing tool will help you build walls straight and level the first time!

The Dynamic Framer solves all of the problems with an easy to use tool kit that will save time and money by avoiding costly mistakes and contractor bills. The Kit includes a template used for laying out stud locations, a jig for attaching studs correctly to the bottom plate and simple guides to show you when your wall is straight and level.

The template is placed at the bottom plate to give you the stud locations automatically. There is no need to measure and measure again to make sure your spacing is correct. Once the stud is in place, the Dynamic Jig gives you the perfect angle for screwing or nailing the stud to the bottom plate. A leveler attached to studs ensures that the wall is square and ready for wallboard. It's that easy!

Make the Dynamic Framer part of your home improvement process and save time and money along the way!

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