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DIY and Rising Material Costs

As the cost of materials continues to rise, a wise money-saving measure for any home improvement project will center around getting as much done yourself as possible. The price of lumber has increased 180% over the last twelve months and learning to frame a wall accurately will help save the cost of hiring a contractor to complete a task that can be easily accomplished if you know how to get it done. Valuable time can be exhausted if you can’t do it correctly on the first try.

Layout and stud placement can be problematic if a dimension is missed in the early-going. Getting all of the framing members attached and anchored correctly can be challenging, even for those with some experience in basic carpentry. The pros can get walls plumb and straight from top to bottom with levels relatively quickly but if you’re a novice, a quarter-inch gap can be disastrous when it comes time to hang wallboard on your newly erected walls.

Imagine if you had a tool that would ensure that none of these mistakes came back to haunt you. An error-proof guide that saved contractor labor costs and avoided the time-consuming headaches of doing something over would be a great fit for any tool box. What if that tool could also be used as a training guide?

The Dynamic Framer is that tool.

Stay tuned here for more information on how it works and how you can Do-It-Yourself, Like a Pro, Without the Cost.

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