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Pandemic Home Improvement Boom

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Home improvement is one of the industries helped by the pandemic. More Americans are spending time at home than ever before and now they are sprucing up their homes at a remarkable rate. If you have purchased interior paint for you home, new flooring or worked with a remodeler recently, you are not alone. Homeowners have shifted their spending from entertainment and travel to home improvement projects, according to HomeAdvisor’s latest “State of Home Spending” Survey. HomeAdvisor conducts a survey every year of homeowners across the U.S. who have completed projects within the past 12 months. The survey revealed that homeowners spent an average of $13,138 on home improvement projects in 2020, compared to $9,081 in 2019. Think adding rooms, building a deck, etc. Many homeowners are looking for tools to help bridge the learning gap and be useful for their home improvement projects.

The Dynamic Framer solves many carpentry problems with an easy-to-use kit that will save you time and money by avoiding mistakes and contractor bills. Introducing the Dynamic Framer! This easy-to-use kit includes a template that will lay out stud locations, a jig for attaching the studs correctly to the bottom plate and guides that will show you when your wall is straight and level. If you are thinking handy and functional – the Dynamic Framer is the tool kit for you and your home improvement/building needs!

Do It Yourself, Like a Pro. Without the Cost.

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