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Welcome to the Dynamic Framer frequently asked questions.


As the Dynamic Framer grows - so will our FAQ. Today you can find out about the Dynamic Framer, a home improvement tool to help you do it yourself to frame walls like a pro. This tool will be your favorite home remodeling tool!

  • What is the Dynamic Framer?
    The Dynamic Framer solves many carpentry problems with an easy-to-use kit that will save you time and money by avoiding mistakes and contractor bills for your next home improvement project. Introducing the Dynamic Framer! This easy-to-use kit includes a template that will lay out stud locations, a jig for attaching the studs correctly to the bottom plate and guides that will show you when your wall is straight and level. If you are thinking handy and functional – the Dynamic Framer is the tool kit for you and your home improvement/building needs! Once the template is placed on the bottom plate this will identify the stud locations automatically. No need to measure again and again to make sure your spacing is correct. Once the stud is in place, the Dynamic jig gives you the perfect angle for screwing or nailing the stud to the bottom plate. The Dynamic Level attached to the studs will ensure that the wall is square and ready for wallboard.
  • Who created the Dynamic Framer?
    Created by an experienced residential and commercial contractor in carpentry and seasoned innovator, the Dynamic Framer will revolutionize how you build and remodel your home. It will guide you to build walls professionally and accurately! Together this team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to bring you the Dynamic Framer.
  • Where can I buy the Dynamic Framer today?
    The Dynamic Framer is currently in prototype development stage including carrying out research and testing. Stay tuned to our website and social media for exciting announcements and timeline for launch!
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